The Top 7 NFT Scams and how to avoid NFT scams in 2023


Where there is massive financial opportunity, there will be malicious actors, and scams have recently afflicted the NFT industry. Unfortunately, the sophistication and effort of recent NFT scams have been enough to bring down both industry veterans and newcomers. The digital trading era is taking many forms, from the dawn of cryptocurrencies to the formation … Read more

DApps Security Aspects and Challenges


Decentralization has become the day-to-day code of this technological life. Any platform/technology that comes under blockchain technology is fully decentralized to achieve success. Systematic deployment of decentralized applications (DApps) makes them vulnerable to hackers who can infiltrate the system at any time. As we know, DApps use open-source smart contracts, which can be a key … Read more

The Top 5 NFT phishing hacks and NFT scams in 2022 and their precautionary measures

NFT Phising

NFTs are popular these days because they allow artists and content creators to sell their NFT collections for thousands of dollars. NFT trades totaled $17 billion, a 21,000% increase over the previous year. Regrettably, the boom has also attracted a deluge of NFT scams. These scams and NFT phishing hacks can cause you to lose … Read more

DeFi Smart Contract Audit

Smart contract vulnerabilities can have far-reaching consequences for DeFi projects. These can not only harm or damage a single project, but they can also cause investors to back off from the DeFi ecosystem as a whole. Smart contract audits are what have made the DeFi what it is. Though the technology underlying smart contracts has … Read more

Could Metaverse’s Security Issues Make It Vulnerable? What is the Solution for this?

Metaverse has been the subject of endless discussion and attention in the tech world since giants like Facebook, Microsoft, and Magic Leap announced their rebranding as Meta. In short, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality brought together under one umbrella can be called Metaverse. The current discussion among big tech experts is about how many billion … Read more

Are Smart Contract Auditing Solutions Perfect For Today’s Expansion?

For over a decade now, we have been experiencing the most revolutionizing spring in the world of digitalization. The intrusion of bitcoin has now laid hands on the progress of the metaverse, digital collectibles, and multiplied revenue streaming spaces. While smart contracts are startled as a fine warmth supporting the season’s dews. Over 24.2% of … Read more

5 prominent tools for smart contract audit

The security of a blockchain project is one of the most important factors in determining its success. A smart contract audit is a crucial step in ensuring a project’s security. An accurate and detailed examination of smart contract sets in an application aids in the detection and elimination of vulnerabilities. The audit also examines the … Read more

Smart contract Audit And Its Components

Smart Contact Audit

Smart contracts are now at the forefront of Blockchain technology. They serve almost every industry segment with a wide range of applications and transaction use cases. Smart contracts are being used in a variety of industries, ranging from finance and IoT to supply chains and music. However, there may be situations when security flaws become … Read more